Visit the

World largest Ice Caves.
A true wonder on Earth

Visit the world of ice giants during this 6 hour tour departing from Salzburg. The Werfen Ice Cave is a wondrous underground world filled with incredible ice formations that look like natural sculptures. Explore a world of extraordinary natural beauty first hand, right in the heart of this majestic alpine landscape. If you are keen on experiencing a miracle of nature, this tour will leave you in awe.

The underground cave system started to form around 100 million years ago, as a result of tectonic plate movements. After cracks started to appear in the limestone, a chemical dissolution process and water eroded passageways in to the mountain. This left an intricate system of immense hollow spaces. Alpine ice cave systems never stop growing, but due to the lack of water entering in to the cave, the Eisriesenwelt hasn’t changed significantly in a very long time.

Ice inside the cave

The ice inside the cave system is formed by a variety of processes. The Eisriesenwelt is a dynamic ice cave, meaning that the galleries and fissures form a link connecting lower entrances to higher openings, which – like a chimney – allow for an exchange of air. Depending on the outside climate, the temperature inside the mountain is either cooler or warmer, causing an air draft from the top to the bottom or vice versa. In the winter, when the air inside the mountain is warmer than outside, cold air enters into the passages and cools the lower part of the cave to below zero degrees Celsius.


World’s largest ice caves

Experience a miracle of nature! Visit the world of ice giants, the largest ice cave in the world on this 6 hour tour. One of the true wonders of this earth, the Werfen Ice Caves present an incredible underground world of natural ice sculptures and formations. Discover a world of natural beauty high above the village of Werfen, amidst the magnificent Tennengebirge mountain range. Hidden in this mysterious alpine world, You’ll find the entrance to the world’s biggest labyrinth of ice caves.


The World of Ice

As you step through the entrance to the ice cave, you will be awed by this incredibly impressive and mysterious sight. As you walk through the entry way, 20 meters wide and 18 meters high, you’ll be greeted by a strong gust of wind. Look further to see an enormous ice cave with glistening ice formations that look almost manmade. The unreal effect of this is heightened by the lights placed strategically amongst them. Visitors are also provided with lamps, so they can examine everything closely. Winding passageways inside the ice cave will lead you deeper and deeper in to the heart of the mountain.

The “world of ice giants” is truly an impressive sight and an experience you will never forget. This is why the tour through the fascinating ice sculptures is one of the most popular sightseeing attractions in the Salzburg area. The ice cave can not be explored alone, however. The attraction can be explored as part of guided tour from May until October. You will spend around 75 minutes in the ice cave, where your guide will tell you all about how the cave was formed and lots of other interesting facts. The tour is especially great to take on a hot summer’s day, when it feels like you are entering a completely parallel world. Exiting the cave you will be greeted by the sight of a majestic mountain panorama.